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2nd Fantasy Story Contest
The second fantasy story contest starts on June 30th and ends on July 25th. Please send any fantasy story in that you have written and your automatically in. You are not allowed to send in stories you entered in a previous contest. for more details go here.

And the winner is....
Cerberus and his story realities orphan are the winner of the first contest. This is a great story. Once I startes reading it I couldn't stop. Thanks to all who praticipated. Here's His acceptance speech:

Well here it is:

Introduction: The Traveler's Chronicle
It was some time ago that my wanderings began. After awhile the years begin to blur, ceasing to have any real meaning at all. For the temporal minded reader however, I can safely say that my existence spans almost four hundred years. Over the years I have had many names, depending on which plane of existence was my home at the time. The name of my birth was Jerod, though no one has called me that since I left the place of my birth over three hundred and eighty years ago.
Over four lifetimes have I wandered the many facets of the time and space, in search of that which every man must ultimately search for, my place in the world. A world which I learned in none to gentle a way, that was very large, and well beyond the scope of my imagination. Hamlet said it best when he put this to good Horatio, his dear friend; "There are more things in heaven and Earth dear Horatio, then are dreamt of in our philosophies. Being nothing more than a boy, I did not realize how true those words were. That insight came later.

Results of Best Fabtasy Author:
Magaret Weis: 14%
Tracy Hickman: 4%
J.R.R. Tolkien: 34%
J.K. Rowling: 6%
Merceded Lackey:
other: 29%

Results of Best Book Series Poll:
Forgotten Realms: 17%
Dragon Lance:19%
Lord of the Rings:39%
other: 25%